Super rich after a weekend of Metal Detecting!!.. Or not.. lol. Bucket List ✔️

    Getting rich with my metal detector over the weekend!!!!! Or not…!! Found pennies, a penny-like coin (not sure what it is) coke can tabs, and other trash. However, I only went hunting for maybe 2 hours so can’t wait to get back out now that I was just starting to get the hang of it!!!!!!! I was in another world which is great  for your health when you can get your mind off of all the normal everyday stress & issues in life. Looking forward to going back out again with a metal detector!!!!!

Garrick’s hobby was his #Revo #rccar and our daughter #seashellhunting (I also love seashell hunting). Thinking we were looking pretty dorky, but bet we were having more fun than most people out there 🙂

Bucket List Item Accomplished ✔️

~ Jamie 

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