Traveling with Cancer.  Juice shipment arrived at Schlitterbahn!





 Shipment arrived!!!!! Trying to figure out the best ways to travel and stay on my health regimen. This time I had Norina ship it. So it cost $132 for overnight by 10am shipping and took her little over half a day in labor to make it all plus the cost of produce. By doing it this way I didn’t lose a day of vacation trying to find all the organic ingredients and then having to make it all and pack a juicer on top of the vitamix blender. The other option is finding a juice company which I recently tried in Destin. The one company I found did not have the kind of juice I needed for cancer, not all produce is organic, it was far from our resort and was always closed when I had time and the energy to go. Next trip is the Bahamas, have no idea how I am going to do it for the next vaca.

~ Jamie