Mission Impossible to Missions accomplished on Memorial Day!!!! 


      Memorial Day shopping!!!!!! Auction style… finally only 6 months later after moving got it knocked out!!! Our (#JamiesHope) newest board member (Mark) filled us in and educated us on model home furniture auctions, which by the way….was awesome!!!! Can’t believe we were all shopping on Memorial Day together rather than hitting the beach or lakes, lol. Also ran into some old friends there we hadn’t seen in a long time and was great to see them.. Had an awesome, productive day and got to do it with people I love to be around 🙂
Feeling such a relief our house is almost done!!! My health has been #1 since January so moving during all of this, getting our old house ready to sell and listed has been TOUGH (I am the real estate broker for our old house). Finally…… Mission accomplished!!! 🙂


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