Hobbit House: Places to See!!!!! (bucket list)

Hobbit House

Hobbit House Vacation Rental

So….. Lately I have been watching tiny house nation more on tv.  The thought of almost complete financial freedom seems pretty interesting when you watch this.  I have accumulated a lot of crap over the years and as I have finally began to regain my health after a long battle with cancer (which I am still fighting), the idea of decluttering my life is constantly on my mind for stress reduction.  Not to mention the tiny houses are super cute and kind of reminds me of what maybe it would be like to live in a hotel room.

I have found that you can actually rent tiny houses and now want to add this to my Bucket List!!!   I don’t know if I could ever live in a tiny house, but sure love the idea of visiting and vacationing in some of the awesome ones I am finding online!!!!

~ Jamie

Hobbit House Of Montana