1st PET Scan Results after quiting chemo December 15, 2014 and going with an Alternative

Jamie & Cindy PET Scan Results 02-2015

PET scan results were BEST EVER!!!!!!!!! On December 15th I made a personal choice that I would no longer continue chemotherapy and try something different. I jumped on a plane right after New Years and changed EVERYTHING in my life after going to Hawaii to focus on my health. Since home my days consist only of taking care of myself and this Monday was my first scan. After about 5 weeks of COMPLETE lifestyle change my tumors activity cut in half, the best results I have had since starting treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trying not to cry every time I think about how exciting this is!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still have lots of hard work, but incredibly motivated to take my life back from cancer.

Also had my sister and Garrick with me today 🙂

~ Jamie