Woohoo!!!!!!! My Makeup by Wendy (my favorite lady of course) made it to day 2!

Feels so great to have eye lashes and eyebrows even if it’s only 2 days!

Even my ladies at the Starbucks drive-through today were stunned and complementing my eyes!!!! Funny how something as little as eyelashes you have no idea how thankful you should be until you lose them…… So many things in life I took for granted until going through this, but if anything it has only made me stronger, more thankful to be alive (trust me things could be soooo much worse) and I know I am going to beat this (I have never believed cancer would beat me, just taking longer than I originally imagined, hope this doesn’t mean I am in denial, lol).

~ Jamie

JG - Makeup By Wendy texans head

Makeup by: https://www.facebook.com/makeupbywendy